La máquina que cambió el mundo

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The book discovered lean management, Toyota's secret weapon that has revolutionized the automotive industry, and better explain what it is

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James P. Womack, Daniel T. Jones and Daniel Roos

Foreword by Lluís Cuatrecasas

When The Machine that Changed the World was first published, Toyota's size was half that of General Motors. Today, Toyota has surpassed GM as the world's largest car manufacturer and is the most successful global company sustained over the past fifty years. This business management classic was the first book that brought to light Toyota's lean production system, which is the basis for its sustainable success.

Currently reprinted with new prologues and epilogues, The Machine that Changed the World opposes two radically different business systems: lean production versus mass production, two very different ways of thinking about how humans collaborate to create value. Based on the largest and most comprehensive study ever undertaken to date in any sector - the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) International Motor Vehicle Program, which was conducted over five years and spanned fourteen countries - this book describes the entirety of lean production management system.

This book provides an essential and lasting guide to leaders and executives of all sectors of activity that seek to transform traditional companies into models of lean success.


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