Gestión de calidad total en el retail
  • Gestión de calidad total en el retail

Gestión de calidad total en el retail

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With the involvement of people and the satisfaction of the client and the society

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Joaquim Deulofeu Aymar

The retail trade is facing great changes and has to face endless problems and challenges:

- The entrance of large business groups with enormous investment capacity.

- The introduction of new commercial formulas.

- The incorporation of new technologies.

- Changes in consumption habits.

- The current change of social paradigm.

At this time, SMEs need to apply new management formulas that companies and other organizations in the sector will choose according to the strategy they need to use to cope with the increasing and better existing commercial offer.

This work offers SMEs one of these new management formulas: total quality. It is undoubtedly an effective management model to make them competitive and tries to focus the company towards the client and society, providing it with a continuous adaptation to changes and offering quality and service. The contents are presented in a simple way but always maintaining the scientific rigor, and are aimed at those who work in the retail trade sector and anyone interested in quality applied to services.


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