Claves del Lean Management en tiempos de máxima competitividad

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How to manage in practice a highly competitive company

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Lluís Cuatrecasas

Keys to a more responsible economy and finances, personalized and far from waste.

The recent crisis has been the result of a management model implemented since the beginning of the last century, which has led the world to runaway consumption and to generate bubbles, wasting resources provided by financial institutions, without applying the necessary control. As a consequence of these inappropriate practices, consumption has fallen dramatically and financial resources have become much more difficult to obtain.

In order not to fall into the same mistakes, we must definitely change our paradigm and forget about generating products and services on a large scale, depersonalized and that do not take into account customer preferences. New approaches, for which efficiency and innovation are an essential part of their DNA, have been in the pipeline for a few years now and companies operating in accordance with them are achieving great results. This is the path that companies must take now and in the future.


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