Lean Management

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The efficient management of business reality

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Lluís Cuatrecasas and Carmen Peligros

Lean Management is, without a doubt, in this second decade of the 21st century, the management system to be adopted by any company or business that wants to be really efficient and competitive. This is something totally accepted at present and, the already abundant existing bibliography on the matter, as well as the many success stories applying this management model, confirm this.

This work starts from this reality, to delve into the aspects to be taken into account to achieve these levels of competitiveness (in the company itself and beyond, with suppliers), in the problems that may arise when implementing Lean and in the benefits that its implementation can bring.

But also, the work that the reader has in his hands, goes into details of how to approach the implementation of Lean, both in the industrial world (the one that has experienced it most so far), and in services (choosing, as an example, the management of hospital activity, perhaps the type of service that has experienced it the most), detailing in particular the differences between industrial and service implementation.

The book is also written by several authors, all of them experts in specific aspects of Lean Management, so that each of the chapters is written by the appropriate expert on the subject.


  • Chapter 1. Lean Management: Benefits, problems and costs of its implementation
  • Chapter 2. Lean Management and supplier management
  • Chapter 3. Lean Manufacturing: Manufacturing System Design
  • Chapter 4. Lean Manufacturing in the daily management of Production
  • Chapter 5. Lean Healthcare: applying Lean in health services

The authors are, several of them university professors and all of them experts in different aspects related to Lean Management, both in its theoretical and practical aspects, several of them also acting as advisers and consultants to companies operating in different sectors, fundamentally from the automotive.


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