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Applying Visual Management to the Factory

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Chris A. Ortiz & Murry R. Park

An effective visual communication system can help manufacturing employees eliminate significant waste from daily tasks. From work-zone color coding to posted metrics, visual controls clarify and simplify the path to enhanced processes and profits. 

Leaving little to chance, VISUAL CONTROLS: APPLYING VISUAL MANAGEMENT TO THE FACTORY provides a detailed explanation of how to apply the Lean principles of 5S to convert your factory to a fully functioning Visual Workplace. It covers the range of methods that collectively compose an effective visual management system and clearly explains management's role in creating a Lean strategy to accomplish the transformation. This book:

- Considers visual Kanban, material replenishment, and the implementation of a visual maintenance department

- Details management's role in implementing and sustaining a visual factory

- Covers the range of visual tools—including tool boards, shadow boards, metrics communication boards, and tool check cards

From plant layout and department setup to visual tools and parts, this book facilitates the comprehensive understanding required to initiate positive change through visual communication. The authors supply authoritative insight on how to hasten the required cultural changes, as well as step-by-step instruction for creating visual shadow boards. They also highlight time-tested methods for measuring progress and performance with improved accuracy.


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